How to Build a Profitable Website for your restaurant using best practices and ways to avoid obstacles during the process?

In this article, we won't go too deep into complicated technical structures and functions. Instead, this article is going to show you critical moments and a detailed description of each step. 

Our team has developed a lot of eCommerce projects. We've been going through some hard times, spending our time & budget to learn from our mistakes. The mission we follow is not only about money. It is about making B2B Software Solutions affordable.

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So, let's get started and dive into the world of WEB solutions.

What Do I Need To Know?

Before searching in Google for "Website Development Agency" & "Profitable Website For The Restaurant," stop for a second and try to understand the main principles.

Like any other project, the Website requires a plan.

Measure your abilities, think twice and make a decision in the first place.

There are 2 types of Websites for you:

  • Static Business Website
  • eCommerce Website
Static Business Website

Static Business Websites are simple pages with some information related to your business. Pages of that type are called static pages. It's the cheapest way where the Static Business Website contains a minimum amount of information and functionality. Locations address, email, phone number, and a picture of the menu that you can't even see or zoom-in in some cases.

Yes, you could make landing pages professionally with a fantastic layout and design, but the buying functionality is still missing.

eCommerce Website - Blue Water Taco

eCommerce is another Website type. It contains multiple pages with a list of products and detailed descriptions, including abilities to purchase the product listed. Get the payment process directly through the same Website. Yes, these solutions cost more than the Static Business Website, but consider it as a wise investment into your business.

The revenue keeps going up, and your customers get a convenient way of interacting with your business.

eCommerce is a much more profitable & more thoughtful decision. It helps you cover both, Offline and Online sales. It is giving you tons of capabilities and ways to scale up. However, don't rush to build an eCommerce without reading next.

What eCommerce Platform To Choose?

You already know that there are tons of different eCommerce platforms. All of them do pretty much the same thing. The only difference is the availability of support and the community.

As always, let's break down the most popular CMS for eCommerce. 

  • WordPress - 28% of the world market with WooCommece Plugin
  • Shopify - 20% of the market
  • Magento - 9% of the market
  • PrestaShop - 5% of the market
  • ZenCart - 5% of the market

WordPress is a unique CMS platform that allows you to build any kind of Website. The largest in the world WordPress community is always ready to share its experience and answer questions.

Lots of manuals and How-Tos around the internet. Including hundreds of thousands of extensions for WordPress, out of the box.

Independence from the cloud is one of the essential factors why WordPress is the best way to go. 

WordPress Benefits

It is an independent CMS, meaning that anyone could install it on any computer, any hosting provider, or even a personal computer. The code of the platform is Open-Source. WordPress could be modified right for your business needs, limited by the developer's imagination and programming skills. Distribution licensing for WordPress is GNU Public Licence. 

Server machine capabilities and network setup directly influence the Page Speed. That is a massive benefit for people taking advantage and setting up the server correctly for secure & quick access.

At the same time, this could be a downside for people who are not technically advanced. It's much harder to do this yourself without proper knowledge and skills. However, the majority of hosting providers offer one-button solutions to get WordPress up and running.

So, time to put the most crucial benefits of WordPress in the list:

  • 100% fit any project
  • The Most Secured
  • The Most Popular in the World
  • Hosting Independent
  • Thousands of Plugins
  • Easy SEO Management
  • Convert To Any Business Idea
  • Fits The Majority Of Needs
  • Supported By Hosting Providers
  • Open Source
  • The Biggest Community

We listed the most important benefits, yet we can easily list a hundred more benefits.

Cloud-Based Hosting

Cloud-Based Hosting

Sure, any other CMS platform can work for your project, even Shopify that is only cloud-based.

You can't download Shopify and install it on your Machine. As we already know, you are limiting yourself with the provider's conditions, including the optimization & server power, which relates to Page Speed.

Nobody is saying it's a bad thing, but if you think from a larger perspective, thinking about Agile Scaling, CMS independence is a crucial factor.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting

There are tons of different WordPress Hosting Providers. Everyone is offering a one-button solution, where you don't have to worry about anything else. Is it a good thing? Well, if we are talking about quick answers, YES. If we are talking about profitable & professional websites - NO.

To build a profitable & professional Website, you want to have complete control not only of the CMS but also the actual Server Power. Why? Because this way, the complete flexibility of the CMS is in your hands.

For example, if you wish to upload a file over 50 Mb, most hosting will not let you unless you pay more or contact them directly to increase the server's Power, leading to paying more.

Suppose you have access to the dedicated Machine. In that case, you could manage settings like "Max File Upload Size" on the WEB Server with a PHP-Config file.

There is no need to pay more or ask for permissions and be dependent on 3rd party services. Or choose different PHP versions to run, or choose other WEB Servers among existing ones, like Apache, NGINX, or Lightspeed.

Cloud-Computing Hosting

Let's put in a list the most popular cloud computing hosting providers.

  • Google Cloud
  • Amazon WEB Services (AWS)
  • Digital Ocean
  • Microsoft Azure
  • IBM Cloud

All of the above-listed hosting providers are great.

Blue Bee WEB Team loves to work with Google Cloud, and this is our primary go-to solution. Google offers Domain Registration & Hosting, Cloud Computing, Cloud Storage, Business (G-Suite) Infrastructure. Everything works seamlessly in one ecosystem.

We believe it's better to host any WEB project with reliable providers. Reasons for that are security, stability, speed access, flexibility, maintenance cost, redundancy, and compute configurations capability. If you have abilities or already have professional equipment ready for 24/7 working and maintenance, even better.

eCommerce Website Development

Profitable Website For The Restaurant Website Development is a whole other story. It won't be enough space to describe what the WEB Development process includes, but let's break down the most critical steps.

We have to figure out and make a decision on what Hosting Type is needed. As mentioned earlier, our team is using a Virtual Machine type of Host with Google Cloud. Virtual Machine gives us 100% control over the Website and Compute Power and full WEB Host capabilities.

Since the main goal is to build a long-term profitable, professional Website For The Restaurant, it will be an eCommerce. WordPress CMS using WooCommerce. As a server using Virtual Machine with Google Cloud.

Again, any other Cloud Computing that could be used, depending on your preferences.

Main steps required to build a professional eCommerce:

  • Good Branding
  • Template Development To Match The Branding
  • eCommerce Functional Setup
  • Search Engine Optimization/SEO (daily)
  • Mailing Server Setup
  • Analytics Integration
  • Payment Options Integrations
  • Delivery Options Integrations
  • Order Status Functional
  • Update Notifications Functional

Once everything above is completed, time to attract an interested audience.

Digital Marketing

Blue Bee Web Digital Marketing

Building an eCommerce or any other website is not enough if nobody knows about it. The whole idea of eCommerce is to give people easy access to your products. But how do they even know you exist?

Digital Marketing is the answer, divided into two major categories. Organic Traffic & Paid Traffic. SEO is responsible for generating organic traffic. The best way to succeed is to be at the very top of the search without paying money, being at the very top in search results with keywords related to your business.

Paid Traffic is Traffic generated by the Search Engine or any other Advertising platform for money—so-called, Pay-Per-Click (PPC). The major player in this field is Google with Google Ads.

The difference is not only in money but the speed of return on investment.

Paying for Google Ads is giving an instant response yet, once you stop doing it, it does not make you money back.

Organic Traffic takes months, and even after stopping investing in it, Organic gained positions still work for you and make money because you are organically on the first positions of Google.

The initial goal is to build a long-term Profitable Website For The Restaurant Business. Therefore SEO must be the primary goal. PPC works well for a quick start.

Digital Marketing is not an easy thing to do. It requires a ton of work that we'll break down in a list below.

  • Audience Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Strategy Development
  • Google Ads Campaign Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Analytics Tracking & Understanding
  • Implementing AB Tests & New Strategies


Yes, building a Website that will generate constant profit for your business day-to-day is not an easy thing. But it's worth it. Don't think about the Website as something that "just has to be there." Today, the Website is a vital part of most businesses and plays a massive role in the Restaurant business.

If you follow the steps above, making sure every step is completed professionally, profit & success will be on your side. It's consistent, hard work, but it pays off eventually.

You can learn how to make everything yourself, spending years on that and possibly never achieving desired results. Or you can hire professionals that do that type of thing for a living.

The progress of the business depends on how much time you are spending making it better.

So, don't waste your time In your company. Spend it On your business, while others do what they are supposed to.

Blue Bee WEB specializes in Profitable Website For The Restaurant Development and will be happy to assist you at any time, providing proven and working solutions.

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