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Authentic Mexican Food Restaurant in Jupiter, Florida. Service hand-crafted Tacos & Quesadillas.

What Needed?

An E-Commerce with abilities to list the entire food-menu and sell it online, directly through the website. Including Card Payment and Order Tracking status, as well as Professional Digital Marketing to boost Brand's recognition and reach a bigger audience.


E-Commerce along with the Digital Marketing campaign is the best way to increase revenue and keep business running, even during pandemics.


In Sales (E-commerce)

The most crucial part of this project was the checkout process. It gives the end-user ability to pay for the order with cards directly on the Website. We had to connect Payment Gateway with the Website, with the company’s Bank account, and with the actual payment processor.

bluewatertaco, blue water taco checkout

In Digital Marketing

The main goal was to penetrate the exact audience located 10 miles around since the restaurant has the only available location. As you can see on the graph, the impression rate went down because it targeted people who were over the set limit. We set the Digital Marketing Campaign to reduce the advertising budget, save money and time, and customer experience.

blue water taco statistics, blue water taco analytics

Website Design

Mobile Optimized

"I'm impressed with the Blue Bee WEB team. They have done my E-Commerce Website, custom functional, Online Ordering System, Automation, Email Marketing, and Paid Advertising. If you are looking for the best All-In-One WEB Development Agency, then you are at the right place. Keep it up and show positive results! Thank you!"

Mike Flannery
CEO/Owner of Blue Water Taco

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