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E-commerce Website for leading supplier in re-manufactured automotive computers industry. Professional services & high-quality products that help thousands of people to get back on the road for less.

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The Customer - ECU Team Corporation, an automotive computer solutions company. Struggled from not being able to show off their products & abilities to scale up.

What Needed?

Needed WEB App that is going to include E-Commerce & specialized user's community. Show off product & services. Professional Digital Marketing campaign development & CRM.


Our solutions allowed ECU Team Corp to increase conversion rate & truly represent their abilities to the end-user. Organic Traffic increase. ROI ~ 400%. Sales boost.


In Sales (E-commerce)

The graph represents ECU Team Corp working with other agencies for 12 months. Results are not so great.

In Digital Marketing

The graph represents our team working on the client’s marketing campaign. Results are pretty impressive.

In Development

  • One of the most complex tasks was to build custom WooCoomerce Plugins & Scripts to accomplish the huge infrastructure of products & services offered by ECU Team Corp. Custom functional development & payment integrations. CRM system integrations. Automation development.
  • We use WordPress CMS to work with WooCommerce. PHP – a programming language for WEB that we used to write custom plugins. JavaScript, HTML, CSS have been used as well. As a platform to configure functional for WordPress, we use PineGrow.

Website Design

Unique Color Palette

Chosen Font

Mobile Optimized

"The CRM congregates diverse sales channels into one solution, improving efficiency and leading to stark sales increases. Blue Bee WEB, Inc is praised for their custom e-commerce development and the marketing value they deliver. Future clients can expect a professional, communicative partner."

Oleg Scerbacov
Founder & CEO

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