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E-commerce website for printer & copier equipment. Professional office & home printing products along with services in Florida, Palm Beach area.

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The Customer - Imagen Solutions, ambitious team of professionals in printer equipment industry. Re-manufacturing, repair, maintenance & more.

What Needed?

In order to scale up, needed a website that can represent the entire range of products & services, digital marketing campaign, social media presence & re-branding.


Our team came up with the design that was able to incorporate everything needed. New logo. Mobile view adaptation. Turned into a much better conversion rate.


In Digital Marketing

The Customer didn’t have any Digital Marketing set up before. We had to make everything from the beginning, create Google Ads Campaign & set up analytics. Our team performed deep research to achieve the best results, based on the Customer’s budget.

This graph represents performance of Google AdWords campaign that our team has developed.
This graph represents the performance of the Google AdWords campaign that our team has developed.

In Development

  • Each project is different and requires special needs. In this case, one of the most complex parts was to fit in a time frame since it was pretty tight—about 20 business days. We had to create everything from scratch, including a digital marketing campaign.
  • We use WordPress CMS to work with WooCommerce. PHP – a programming language for WEB that we used to write custom plugins. JavaScript, HTML, CSS have been used as well. As a platform to configure functional for WordPress, we use PineGrow.

Website Design

Mobile Optimized

"The design looks fantastic, easy to understand & easy to navigate. The layout is intuitive. The actual website works blazing-fast & represents the entire scope of everything that we do. Happy to work with Blue Bee WEB. If anybody needs E-commerce, be sure they'll make it happen the right way."

Alex Carvajal
Founder & CEO

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