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News aggregator with integrated AI (Artificial Intelligence) machine that is gathering only high quality content around the most reliable sources and makes it easy to read in one place.

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The Customer - an entrepreneur with high ambitions that got tired of chasing and paying multiple news sources with irrelevant data across the internet space.

What Needed?

The main goal is to centralize different reliable news sources, making it easier to manage, all in one place. Clean and simple layout, secured connections & stability.


Because of multiple news sources, it's hard to keep up with incoming data stream. PBT is saving your time by not only verifying the content, but centralizing it.


In Digital Marketing

At the beginning, this project was absolutely empty. No SEO, no pages, no analytics, no nothing. We had to create everything from scratch.

Our team developed a marketing strategy that allowed Palm beach Times to reach much higher Organic Traffic & get more recognition without paying a dime for Advertising.

Graphic shows the performance for the last 90 days. Organic Traffic strategy.
Graphic shows the performance for the last 90 days. Organic Traffic strategy.

In Development

  • We had to create a website that is capable of connecting with the AI (Artificial Intelligence) and posting only verified news with options to save articles for later or add to favorites.
  • We had to modify one of the most popular CMS (WordPress) and integrate with the AI (our in-house product). Also create custom plugins, design & functional.

Website Design

Unique Color Palette

Chosen Font

Mobile Optimized

"I was trying to build this project fro a while and couldn't find the solution, until I met Blue Bee WEB. I can't be happier with this company and I highly recommend them to anyone who is in a need of different IT services. Well-thought layout, simple & clean design, pleasure to deal with and professionalism is at the highest level."

Uriel Rubinov
Founder & CEO

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